Energy Healing

  • Do you seek inner peace and emotional balance?
  • Do you want to get out of your head and become more present in your body?
  • Are you looking to release past traumas and emotional baggage? 
  • Are you striving to enhance your overall well-being and vitality? 
  • Is your goal to cultivate a deeper sence of self-love and self-acceptance?
  • Are you seeking relief from physical ailments or chronic pain? 
  • Do you desire to strenghten your spiritual connection and intuition? 
  • Is it you aspiration to let go of limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and destructive patterns?
  • Are you looking to align your energy for a more harmonious and fulfilling life? 

My powerful and transformational Deep Dive Energy Healing may be just what you need.

As an energy healer, I offer a powerful and transformative experience to help you clear blockages and remove what’s not serving you anymore. My Deep Dive Energy Healings are designed to help you release mental and emotional issues, spiritual blockages and/or physical pain. So you can feel more at peace, balanced and connected with yourself.  

During a healing session, I work on the chakras, energy points and meridian lines in your energetic body to dissolve the blockages and restore balance. I use my intuition and the powerful Universal Healing Energy that flows through me and is directed to where your body needs it the most. Your own energy system determines what it wants to release and receive. 

My energy healing sessions are a safe and gentle way to begin or continue your healing journey. My sessions are tailored to your individual needs and are designed to release your blockages in a supportive and nurturing environment. Book an energy healing session with me today and experience the power of healing from the inside out.

I am here to support you.




I am grateful for the positive impact my Deep Dive Energy Healings have on my customers. That's why I want to share their experiences with you:

An energy healing from Doris is very nice. She explains very calmly and clearly what she is going to do. And also that everything that is going to happen may be there. During the healing it seemed as if time stood still for a moment. A lot of energy was happening in and around me. The following days I felt bigger and more open. Everything I felt in my body felt more intense. More may be received. Everything that happens in terms of energy may be there for me now and is there to support me. I feel this much more since the healing I received. More than thankful that Doris crossed my path 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Bianca, The Netherlands

Hi girl…I just wanted to thank you again..I feel so relaxed (and less insecure or something).

Yes I slept a bit crazy (was kind of hyper) and now I feel very relaxed

I am proud that I did it. And I’m telling everyone to do it too. 

Marloes, The netherlands

At the beginning I just wanted to experience that kind of healing since I am a therapist myself. Then I felt that I could need support for my hypersensitive nervous system.

I felt a soft but powerful flow of energy through my body systems. I felt very safe and connected with Doris.

The most thing I loved was the clearness, the lightful and energising sensations I felt all over my body. I recommend Doris’ energy healings to others, yes definitly!

Katharina, Austria

What do I offer

There is nothing quite like the profound sense of fulfillment that comes with giving energy healings. The knowledge that I am able to help others on their journey towards healing and self-discovery is truly humbling and deeply rewarding.

1:1 Deep dive healing

Unlock the potential within yourself. Whether you choose to receive a 1:1 personal deep dive healing in person at my cozy studio. Or online from the comfort of your own home. The effects are equally powerful.

Now is the time to release the blockages that have been holding you back and come back to balance and harmony. Open yourself for the possibilities and experience the profound benefits of energy healing for yourself. Together, we can create a space for healing and growth that will empower you to live your best life. 

PS: there are also 3 strips cards for the 1:1 Deep Dive Energy Healings available. Then you pay at once for multimple sessions. The more sessions you take at once, the cheaper the sessions become.


Yes I want this

Group healing – MAy 23 2024, FULL moon in sagittarius

The full moon is a cosmic spotlight that amplifies energy and intentions. During this phase, emotions are heightened, making it an ideal time for deep healing.

It’s a moment when the veil between the conscious and subconscious is thin, allowing us to access buried emotions and patterns. Your healing journey during the full moon is like a ship navigating uncharted waters with the full moon as its guiding star.

Join ME: thursday MAy 23, 2024 8:15 PM

Reserve your spot now: 

Yes I'm in!
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